good things come in…twos?

Twice a year, once in October and once in April, there is a world wide broadcast of our church leaders who speak to us about things they feel that we need to be aware of. They encourage us to be better. It honestly is like two whole days of inspirational sermons. This past Saturday and Sunday I spent in member’s homes and at the church building watching this broadcast.

Twice a year, once at Christmas time, and once at Easter time, there is a video and initiative that is released by the church. On Friday of this week, the Easter initiative was debuted online, called #PrinceOfPeace. It’s incredible. As a mission, we were able to pass out over 1,000 #PrinceOfPeace cards on the first day it was released. I have loved watched the film with various people over the past few days, and watching their reactions. It’s amazing to feel of the true spirit of Easter, and think about our Savior, Jesus Christ, and His infinite sacrifice for us.

We have started teaching 6 kiddos who all want to be baptized. They have not been able to be baptized because their dad is in jail, and they don’t have a lot of family support. What is interesting is that just 3 generations ago, their whole family was extremely active in the church. Their direct relative is Levi Savage! Also they are related to Abraham Lincoln which is sweet. But I digress. The Bishop of the ward told us that in order to allow these children to be baptized, we need to make sure that their family will support them, and that our ward family will welcome them. So, we met the mom, got written permission to teach them, talked to some families in the ward, and organized “Family Home Evenings” with the children every Monday. The members go to pick the kids up and bring them to their home, and we show up to teach the lesson. Then we play a game and eat cookies. It is a lot of work for us to organize but man, now that the ward knows that we really are trying to help these kids, they really are stepping up to help us! Two families had them over to watch General Conference today, and various members are now offering them rides to church.
Update on Michele: SHE CAME TO WATCH GENERAL CONFERENCE WITH US YESTERDAY! We had the whole church building to ourselves, so we gave her a church tour before we sat down to watch. During the first talk I was praying so hard that Michele would feel the spirit and that something would stick out to her and then BOOM Joaquine Costa gets up and makes every missionary’s day. (He gave a talk about how he originally was investigating the church because he wanted to marry a cute girl but then he ended up receiving a testimony of the truthfulness and was baptized) Fast forward to later that evening, we’re meeting with our investigator Christin and she tells us that she was driving around and remembered that General Conference was today, so she turned on the radio and guess who was speaking? My new best friend, Joaquine Costa. She was inspired by the talk, and Michele was inspired by the talk, and I was just too happy.
I know that this church is true. Living the gospel of Jesus Christ is NOT easy. But I know that my life has been blessed because of my decision to keep the commandments, serve those around me, read my scriptures, go to church, and pray. I am super grateful for all of my friends who have supported me in my religious endeavors, even if they don’t agree or understand. Ya’ll rock.
sister anna sun
Do me a favor and watch “The Prince of Peace” video on  It’s only 2 minutes and 32 seconds long. DSCN0824

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