milkshakes on Friday, pancakes on Sunday

On Wednesday, our Zone Leaders were up in Boise on exchanges with the Assistants to the president. Elder Willis went with Elder Udall and they started out their day contacting someone who had not been to church in awhile. That particular person wasn’t home, so they looked across the street and saw some “college looking houses.” The first door they knocked on didn’t bring anything, the person who lived there wasn’t interested. On the second door, “a 6’4″ black dude” answered the door. Elder Willis, king of breaking the ice with people, immediately asked “yo do you play basketball?” (I realize that I just brought up a lot of stereotypes but please stick with me here) and this guy told the elders that he had played for Boston Collage previously. They had a nice conversation about March Madness and then the missionaries asked if he had a relationship with Jesus Christ. He told them that when he was at Boston College, they played Syracuse who was ranked #1 at the time. He had the chance to shoot the game winning free throws!! That same night he went out partying to celebrate and his phone had over 400 texts, and he was all over twitter and instagram. At 3 in the morning he was watching himself on the sports channel and thought to himself “this is all I ever wanted, but I don’t feel anything.” Something was missing. So he changed his life. He found Christ. He gave up partying, and sought after religion. The elders ended up staying for a hour and a half! They talked to him about the LDS faith, and the Book of Mormon. He wanted to know if it was true, so they committed him to read it.
The Book of Mormon has a promise given to those who read- we know that if you read and genuinely desire to know if the book is true, you will receive an answer through the Holy Ghost. I am getting ready to finish the Book of Mormon for the second time here on my mission and I know that this book is from God. I also know that the Bible is from God. They work together to help us learn more about our Savior.
I remember a few years ago I was really really upset. I know that miracles happen, I’ve seen them happen, but my aunt had just passed away after child birth and I didn’t know why she wasn’t healed. I kept feeling like I needed to read the scriptures but I fought the feeling for awhile. When I finally turned to the scriptures, I was able to find the peace and understanding that I had been searching for. I know that there is power that comes from these inspired books.
Lately we have had the HARDEST time getting our investigators to come to church. It is so important for them to be there, if they want to continue learning. So on Sunday, after our ward councils and correlations, we dashed over to 1st street with eggs and pancake mix in hand. We woke up Racheal and Gabe with light knocks on their door, and declared “we’re here to make you breakfast!” So they let us use their stove, and we made them some food while they got ready for church. Unfortunately, the stove wasn’t in good condition and there was a lot of smoke. Fortunately, they didn’t have a fire alarm. After they ate, we all rushed off to church. We were out waiting in foyer with a hispanic family that had come with the elders. None of the people with us had church clothes, we all smelled of smoke, and we walked in late. It was awesome. THAT’S WHAT IT’S ALL ABOUT, FOLKS! They came, and they loved it. It just took some work on our part to get them there.
Michele almost went to jail this week. It was crazy, I was on the phone with her right before she was about to get arrested!! But man, luckily her attorney called right in the nick of time with her drug test results. It was her birthday on Saturday, and we had a lesson with her on Friday, and I wanted chocolate, so I called Michele and asked what milkshake she wanted me to pick up for her from the only fast food place in town. She’s a salted caramel type of gal. Michele is so eager to learn, and we always end up sharing our favorite scriptures with each other. She’s hit rock bottom, hard, but she’s on her way back up. On Saturday we heart attacked the whole front of her house. She doesn’t have a whole lot of friends and her family has sort of turned on her, but I’ve noticed how much it means to her that we love her so much. She really is starting to change for the better, and it’s too neat to see.
We had interviews with our mission president and he had his wife share with me this incredible 60 second video. For those of you who know me, you know that I really love short films. This one is one of the best that I’ve seen our church put out. I wanted to go home and tweet it but I decided that I would stay out and attach it in my weekly email. here it is-
Thanks for helping me out when I need it the most. Serving a mission is not easy at all and this week I was super not feeling on top of things which was tough. But also my allergies are crazy because the pollen count is so high so maybe that has something to do with it. Anyway, thanks for the basketball updates. I’m proud of KU despite their loss this week.
rock chalk,
Sister Anna Hansen

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