Sunday at the Park

It was Sunday evening. Sister Somppi and I had just returned into town from our dinner appointment. We wanted to see Lisa, a woman in her 40’s who is trying to change her life and go to the temple. We were planning to drop by Lisa’s house so that I could give her my copy of the Ensign (a church magazine with inspiration and encouraging speeches.) Lisa’s mom answered, and told us that Lisa was at the park with her daughter Emily. I thought to myself “there are only 3 parks in Rupert, we should go find her.” I suggested the idea to Sister Somppi, she was down, so we went off searching. Like a bloodhound, I found her in the first park we went to. We gave her the magazine, shared some chocolate chip cookies, and talked with her for awhile. We may have also kicked around a soccer ball with her daughter. Lisa said to us “I feel so loved right now. I can’t believe you would try so hard to find me.”
It’s really easy to become caught up in all the bad things happening in our lives. But as we reach out to others, to care and uplift them, we are able to find happiness.
Yesterday I learned that missionary work grows organically from our love for people and our love of the Savior. The same can go for any other type of work we might experience in life. If we focus on loving other people, if love is our only motive, it would have a very powerful result.
I just want to encourage you all to reach out to someone this week. You don’t have to stalk someone at the park, but maybe just talk to someone new, give more compliments, leave a kind sticky note on someone’s laptop, or car. Find small ways to serve. I know that it will leave both parties feeling happier. send me an email about what you did, I’d love to hear!
sending so much love,
sister anna hansen
picture: dumping out the sand bags! another connection: we were at a woman’s house who had 6 inches of flooding in her home, even after building a 3 foot tall sandbag wall around her house. she lost a lot of her possessions which was really devastating. the cool part about this story is that I had helped to reactivate her son back in Boise. Then, I came to Rupert, and I was able to help his mom and talk to his twin brother! I just feel really connected to their family now.

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