one exchange in Boise, two miracles (that I’m writing about)

to address the elephant in the room- we will not find out about transfers until tomorrow evening. I don’t know how I feel. I’ll be cool with whatever ends up happening. I trust that whatever happens will be for my ultimate benefit. stay tuned for next week to find out where I’ll be!

This is not an exchange or really a miracle but just something about my week:
Elder Bennett from the 70 came to our mission. On Thursday, Sister Somppi and I went up to Twin Falls with the Burley Hermanas for a zone conference. Hermana Allen and I had a meeting at 8, we joined everyone else for a meeting at 9, and it went until 12:30– no breaks. We then were given the opportunity to grab a sack lunch, and head out to areas we were assigned to spend an hour in, talking to everyone. Sister Somppi and I were assigned to go to a dog park! We arrived and there was one man there, with his dog. He was from back east, I could tell from the accent. He was southern baptist so we had a lively conversation about religion and … politics. We just nodded our heads to whatever he was talking about. Not 5 minutes later, another man showed up, then a woman, then a couple. Pretty soon we had a large group we were engaging in conversation. Not a whole lot happened, they weren’t interested in meeting with missionaries again, but it was an extremely positive experience. We got back to the church building and then went right back into more meetings for 3 more hours or so- again, no breaks. We were all exhausted by the end of the conference, physically, spiritually, mentally.
This is the paragraph about one exchange and two miracles:
On Friday, Hermana Allen and I drove to Boise to attend another meeting with Elder Bennett. We met at Boise State, in the institute center. He only spoke for an hour, I received the biggest spiritual chastisement of my life, and then he told us to find a missionary who is currently serving in the city of Boise and go with them to work in their area for 3 hours. Of course, I sought out Sister Rees. She was Sister Merrell’s last companion and I LOVE her so we paired up and hit the streets! Literally! Her area covers downtown Boise so we were walking around, talking to everyone we could, and tuning in to the spirit hard core. No joke, we were praying about whether we should turn left or turn right. After talking to 3 drunk boys who were trying to convince us to come to a party and “turn up” with them, we were led to a park right outside of the capital building. We saw two couples sitting, and we chose to walk over and talk to a woman in a wheelchair, and her boyfriend who was on the bench next to her. She had the coolest purple highlights in her hair, so I immediately started talking to her about that. I’m all about those icebreakers, ya know? So Patricia (this is her name) tells us that her hair is actually a wig, and she’s going through a lot of things medically, and she’s 31 weeks pregnant on bed rest. The reason she’s in Boise is because she needs to be by the hospital. Well, one thing leads to another, and we end up teaching her the restoration right then and there. She wants a Book of Mormon, we get her information, and she asks to meet with missionaries again. It was so cool to be able to testify to her, right then and there, that she WILL be able to find peace through the Book of Mormon as she goes through this trail in her life. And we were able to tell her that we KNEW Heavenly Father loved her and was aware of her. Her eyes lit up as we testified, I couldn’t believe the change in her that I witnessed. We were supposed to find Patricia on Friday. That was not a coincidence.
After getting some pizza real quick at a hip restaurant downtown (pesto mozzarella and red pepper basil, it was divine)  We went to Camel’s Back Park, named after the HUGE hump of dirt you can hike up. It’s like a giant dirt hill. But I digress, we decided to walk around the park a few times. I almost started crying when I saw homies hammocking and slack lining, playing volleyball and having picnics. Summertime gets me. Also I had not seen so many people in literally months…!! Anyway, We are walking around when we see this guy in his 20’s sitting by himself in the grass. So we start talking to him about his life, his tattoo, his job, his religious background. Sister Rees and I are the small talking dream team, for real. Pretty soon Harrison is asking us questions about our religion and we have the best discussion about how God leads us to where we need to go, and makes us who we need to me. We end up asking this guy, Harrison, if he would be interested in meeting with missionaries again sometime. He says “honestly….no.” and we thank him for being honest but still try to engage him in conversation because we ain’t giving up until we find the elect so we ask him if he knows anyone who would like to hear a message about Christ. He responds “actually…yeah! My roommate’s boss is LDS and is WAY interested. You should totally come and talk to him!” SCORE! So we get the info and ask about a time we could send missionaries and he says “actually….get my number down. You should have the missionaries text me because I want to meet with them too!” SCORE x 2!! Sister Rees and I were feeling really on top of the world by that point, It was so cool to see so many miracles happen in just a matter of hours.
I want you all to know that I know I am supposed to be here in the Idaho Boise Mission. I am so grateful for all I have learned. I am grateful I have changed, and can continue to change. Isn’t that the greatest blessing of all?
sister hansen
my cute new xl $3 dress I found, hemmed, and made smaller all by myself (are you proud, mom?)
my cute dinner date, sister rees
sleep over with the boise hermanas!! lol self timer fails

the gals ❤DSCN1189


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